Our main operating arena is the Israeli Pharmaceutical industry, which is one of the largest and fast growing industries in the country, producing and supplying to regulated markets – locally and globally.
We work closely with top international suppliers (FDA approved, ISO and cGMP certified) and specialize in providing excellent sourcing opportunities for API’s, advanced intermediates and starting materials, as well as specific formulations and dossiers.
Our comprehensive network of represented companies offers our customers many options for highly regulated sources with USA-FDA approvals, EDMF ’s in CTD format, CEP’s / COS’s, cGMP facilities etc., as well as Semi Regulated options – when applicable.
In addition we happily assist with sourcing for CRAMS projects, for sub-contractors and for licensing.


Through our represented manufacturers, we are able to offer a broad range of materials to the Israeli Agro Chemical industry. Some examples are advanced Intermediates, Special Solvents, Metal Catalysts, Phase Transfer Catalysts, Phosphorous and other chemicals for the production of Herbicides, Pesticides and more.



Our team works closely with many international food ingredient manufacturers supplying the local industry in Israel. Our suppliers produce Pre mixes, Micro Encapsulation Solutions, Flavors, Fragrances, Vitamins, Natural Ingredients, Antioxidants, Amino acids, Lipids, Phospholipids, Natural food coloring, Lecithin and so on.
Deal Engineers specialize in the specific requirements of our domestic industry, such as Kosher and Halal certificates, and is well connected with the relevant authorities in Israel handling these issues.


Deal Engineers cooperates with the Israeli defense and Aerospace industries, providing excellent sources for a wide range of products such as Semi Precious Metals, Rare metals, Metal powders and selected chemicals. Naturally all products sourced conform to MIL and other applicable standards. In addition, we provide import and handling services when required.


Our long term cooperation with the local Biotech industry helps new start-up companies in the initial stages of development and registration. We offer a variety of products such as Peptides, Lipids, Delivery Systems, Liposomes, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Blood Sera etc.
Our team will assist with the documentation required for product registration and accompany our customer through the entire process – namely phases I, II (clinical trials), III, product launch and commercialization.


Through our international supplier chain Deal Engineers offer the local cosmetics industry a wide range of synthetic and natural raw materials such as Emulsifiers, Preservatives, Antioxidants, Stabilizers, Surface Disinfectants, UV Filters, Anti-Aging products, Essential Oils, Fragrances, Butters and many other materials.


Deal Engineers is able to offer the Veterinary industry in Israel regulated API’s, Feed Additives & Minerals, Vaccines, Vitamins, Parasiticides etc., from a selection of represented suppliers worldwide.


Deal Engineers specializes in the sourcing of natural minerals for diverse applications, particularly Graphite which is used for the production of crucibles and die casts for melting precious metals in the jewelry sector, as well as in the Aluminum casting industry, as heat exchangers etc.

Deal Engineers offer excellent sourcing options also to the following industries: