Being a business liaison and service company, Deal Engineers strives to provide the best service possible to both our represented overseas manufacturers, as well as our local & international customers.

Our expert team specializes in creating the optimal match between the customer’s requirements and the best qualified manufacturer who will provide the level of quality, regulation and service stipulated, at a price level that makes good business sense.

Our involvement can begin at any stage of the project, from the identification of new molecules to sourcing the required materials for R&D, as well as in the pre development stage of evaluation. Our support continues through the trial and validation stages, the pre -launching and launching stages, and all the way through to ensuring timely regular supplies of materials for production.

We have a great deal of faith in our partners. Consequently we always make a considerable effort to ensure that our represented manufacturers will become ‘first approved’ suppliers of any project under consideration. Alternatively, we will work hard to promote the approval of our partner as ‘second approved supplier’, in cases where first approved suppliers have already been designated.


Deal Engineers makes regular visits and audits at our partner’s manufacturing facilities. This allows us to recommend specific supplier facilities and to guarantee the successful completion of customer audits and requirements.

In addition, members of our team often accompany our clients during their visits to our represented manufacturing facilities anywhere around the globe. We organize and facilitate these visits, participate in customer audits and any other related activities required.

Our team organizes and escorts represented and potential suppliers during their visits to Israeli and overseas customers.


Israel is a Regulated Market. Our team of experts is committed to providing the necessary assistance needed to reach the requirements set by the Israeli Ministry of Health, the Food Authority and other government regulation authorities, and to enable successful registration of the formulations and products. This is achieved with the close cooperation of our suppliers who provide the required data, documentation and support.
We are also trained in the regulatory requirements for USA-FDA & EDQM and issues related to ROS, MOA, Back-Integration etc., and will gladly provide any help needed.


Our import & logistics department will provide any import, handling & logistic services that may be required to ensure smooth and timely supplies of orders.